Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I am in Fact, a Romantic.

Day 83.
Not the best of days.
But, I did in fact, get a small bit of something accomplished. ("small" being the operative word.)
To summarize briefly... I dealt with illness (i've run out of ny/day-quil) I battled technology and it's evil way of hating my existence. (As well as unhelpful and rather unpleasant librarians.) I was frequently running into Father Winter and his jolly companion Jack Frost. (aka..saying hi to the cold outdoors) Snow still keeps evading Swansea, btw. (It's very unfair) And finally, my Mary Poppins bag was quite burdened down today, and my out-of-shape-haven't-worked-at-all-since-I've-been-here-thus-the-odious-winter-weight-and-low-self-esteem person had deal with lugging that on my shoulder all day.

fun times.
The day did pick up however. Julia & I went to our seminar to discover we were the only 2 students to show up. So we picked the brain of our professor & he lets us go within 10 minutes. So pleasant turn-around #1.
We then decided to cash in on the 1/2 price sale of Ben & Jerry's in the SPAR. (o yes) First stealing spoons from the cafeteria & then purchasing the treasured thousand calorie goodness which we then ate on the bus to the village. (pickme up #2)


* quick interval where I say I currently play this song alll the time.... I have a new love for James Blunt .... http://www.youtube.com/watchv=UOtSOOfjAfE&feature=BF&list=FLmgpJgsS3dKM&index=2


Pick me up #3 was the greatest though. It has to do with this post's subject title.
Peter Pan made my day today. I can't explain it. I doubt anyone ever can. It's something that you can't really put into words, it's said through the feeling you (or I) get when I watch Peter Pan and listen to the (phenomenal) soundtrack, especially at the end with Peter & Wendy and Wendy's gift of the "thimble" or the hidden kiss. .... I cry every time. And I don't care that I'll admit that to cyberspace. It's my blog. my thoughts. even though I often self-censor them and poorly express them anyway. Peter Pan will always be one of my favorite movies. For both adventure, and for love. It's a story my children (if I ever reproduce) will have read to them.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7bA6lo35X4 <-- {for romantics only}

I mean, c'mon... The lost boys? tinkerbell? Captain James Hook?! Some of the best characters ever! I love it. Oh, and even in my 20 year old body, I still think that Jeremy Sumpter is crazy cute as a Peter Pan.. He did a great job in that role! He'll always be my favorite Peter Pan.

"I do believe in fairies.. I do! I do!" (another good scene)

Ah, I see I fell back to my tradition of rambling.. Or "waffling" as the British say.
You wouldn't want to be in my head. It's a bowl of spaghetti. Thoughts bouncing from one to the next.. some trivial. too many deeper than my tongue will ever let me portray.. etc.
I have quite an eclectic head. lol.

This post is now long, and I promised to "pretend to study"
So now that I have played the pretend part, it's time to do the study bit.
Paris in 2 days!
I miss Savannah.
much love and thoughts to those I know most.
a cordial hello to those I don't.
That is all.

~ katie. nicole. schulz.

Friday, November 26, 2010

I dine on rice, cheese, & crackers.

Also, I am currently enjoying the best cup of tea I have made in my entire stay over here.
(I think the secret lies with the honey)

Thanksgiving came and went. Some would say it was only yesterday.. but in fact, we celebrated on Wednesday so that all of our housemates could be here. We had a total of 13 people at our table in House 8. Three pies, Two meats, and as many casseroles and deviled eggs as you could want! It was a major success in my opinion. I couldn't have asked for better people to celebrate thanksgiving with in the UK, while I'm away from home.
Right now, it's Friday. I did school all day yesterday. Thursday is my big day here. I'm sad to say I don't do much academically any other day of the week. I had every intention of going to the library today. I also was ready to run this morning. But no, the rain and this nasty throat/cold illness I seem to have contracted put a halt to both of those plans. It's okay. I will accomplish something today.. probably my SCAD statement of purpose. We're going to the town of Cheltenham tomorrow for the Christmas market! Mayhaps it will even snow... How perfect would that be? :)

In other news, my hair has officially driven me loco. It's unruly, misbehaved, and a complete abomination on my head. It has to go.
I'm going to let Mallory trim it for me, and then it's straight to the salon when I get home. I already know the cut I want.. and I possibly might dye it too. I'm kind of at this free-spirited, what-the-heck, stage with my hair right now. Idk, it's kind of like, you watch The Devil Wears Prada with the amazing talent of Meryl Streep.. and you just walk away from it wanting to become a much more fashionable you! I might even buy HEELS! and actually wear them! That's how inspired I am... haha

Well, no one likes to just read a blog entry with some pictures splashed in throughout. We are a visual species afterall. So you will have now seen the Thanksgiving ones above that I did not insert until just now.. And I guess I can throw in one more.

But what to put?

Ah, I got it.

One of some of the people I miss most... Happy Belated Thanksgiving, everyone

Monday, November 22, 2010

oh hey, blogging world..

I feel like you are a long lost friend, as I sit here on my bed, typing away, whatever thoughts come to... hmm. I can't think of a proper word to keep the rhyming up. So enough of that then.

I am still in Swansea. I have exactly 1 month left on this day, as it is the 22nd of November, and I return the 22nd of December. I'm looking forward to it, and then I'm not. I don't know, currently I feel sort of lost within myself. It's probably just a day-funk, but I miss being who I am all the time and getting to say my 2 cents with complete confidence and uncaring as I'm usually around those who know me best. Here, I love all of my 9 roommates, they're wonderful. And I love getting to know them and hanging out etcetera. But I don't share a lot about myself. I'm more the "quiet homemaker" lol. (Because I cook all the time.) I accept this though, it's a neat role to play. Though one I couldn't live with for long. I'm glad I get along so well with Lauren, she's fantastic. We're 2 American peas in a metaphorical pod. lol. I find myself awfully tongue-tied over here.. what the heck is with that?? I mean, honestly.. such a dork. so socially awkward in group settings some times. but hey, c'est la vie. Best not to dwell in my opinion. And you, whoever you are that might actually read this.. probably my mum.. (hi mum).. you mostly want to hear about my exciting adventures and tales. Well, I won't disappoint.
I'm having LOADS of adventures! So if you ever want to get a cup of Joe sometime, I'll be sure and tell you all about them... ;)

ha, ok. I kid. Here are some pics with captions to fill you in a bit on my life in Wales!

Guy Fawkes Day rain-date celebration! (the girl in the photo besides yours truly would be Lauren, btw)

Trying Haggis in Scotland. (for I was a brave adventurer) ===>

Good 'ol Nessie sighting in Inverness on our Loch Ness Cruise..

And 1st sight of Frost, in who knows how many years!

And finally, a silly string party at one of the clubs in town we went to the other night. {Great fun}


Oy. I was going to watch Peter Pan, but no. Instead I just wasted away some of my life doing nothing of particular really. Just facebook. browser shopping online. and this blog entry. I don't even have music on! Something must be wrong with today.. for that is truly un-katie like of me.

In other news, I miss my jeep. I miss driving with my music too loud and the windows down. Also, I miss my full-length mirror. So vain, but it really puts a damper on my trying to get ready in the morning.

ok. that is all really. No, Not really. But all I have the energy or desire to type for now. So arrivederci my blog. Until another few weeks pass..

solo una chica

Monday, November 8, 2010


^ the # of photos I took in Amsterdam

too many -- the # of pretzel sticks I ate dipped in nutella tonight
0 -- the amount of hw I did today
5 -- the # of Bjork songs I listened to this evening
Chili & cornbread -- the dinner I made tonight :)

I have to go email some documents concerning my SCAD application now, so this is a mucho short entry. However, Amsterdam was an amazing trip. Great time. Charming City. Cool museums. and AH-mazing Dutch Food! Couldn't have been better.. except for the 14-ish hour journey to and fro was rather long. Wish I had the power of I dream of Jeannie in circumstances such as that.. but alas. TV land has copyrights.

seminar & rain-date rescheduled bonfire for Guy Fawkes day tomorrow! {excited}
Buenos Noches!


a couple pics from my trip in Amsterdam:

Jump photo by the Iamsterdam sign!

Dutch Canals... lovely.

Amsterdam at night

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Procrastinating & Drinking Hot Chocolate

Salutations! Do you know what I love the most about hot chocolate? ..the mini-marshmallows. I am completely positive that without them, hot chocolate would cease to be as great as we make it out to be. I think it's just fact.

It's a lazy overcast tuesday in wales. I am doing laundry, and I bought thumbtacks. Which, btw, is actually quite exciting.. for they have enabled me to tack up on my bulletin board fun memories and cards from home. So thank you thumbtacks. and go me! for cleaning my room today. Such success :) haha

Now it is Wednesday, as I stopped blogging last night to go have cake with my housemates & forgot to come back. I am determined to conquer some schoolwork today. I am actually going to venture into Uni, even though I don't have any lectures today. We leave for AMSTERDAM tomorrow!! Crazy cool. At least, I hope it will be. I'm a little skeptic as I think I might be one of the only people going for things other than cannabis & uh, certain colored districts.. But hey, that's cool. I'm going for culture! woo hoo! haha

what else- what else. I guess that'll do it for this round of blogging. I'll try and write again when I return! Cheers for now! xx