Friday, January 7, 2011

Hello 2011

Blurbs from my life resumed in Savannah & the new era of the year 2011. p.s. I stole the above pic from the web. I really liked how the guy is fist pumping to greet the sun & and the brand new day. Or in this case, we'll say he's greeting the brand new year...

But anyway..

I made it home from the greatest adventure to date of my young life. I escaped the chaos of the Heathrow airport and their inability to deal with 5 inches of snow. Totally a God thing. [Go God!] I did miss my connection.. but hey, I can now say I have slept in the DC airport overnight. Not many can say that. (that I know of)

The biggest deal was that I made it :) I arrived in Savannah at 10am on December 23rd to the happy tears of my mom, dad, sis, & Grandma. I love them all very much. Christmas came, and Christmas went. All of my New England family came into town, and then all of my family left. It was a wonderful Schulz reunion palooza. laser tag was involved. & You can never go wrong with a good adults vs kids laser tag battle in my book. Then the New Year rolled around & I celebrated with some stellar awesome chicas I know.

All of the family & holiday celebration definitely kept me in a whirlwind of activity. Not very much time to dwell on missing Swansea so much. And the fact that I started my new school just 3 days after New Years DEFINITELY gave me something to keep my mind of it. Something called homework.. which I had forgotten during my time abroad. As it was rather non-existent at Swansea. Oh.. how I miss it all now... lol.

No, life is bueno. I do love this town. but by gum I sure have forgotten how to parallel park! Which is no bueno as I live downtown. Where if you don't parallel park, you fail at the game of life. (basically)

Anyway, stella is happy to see me. & we're looking after two rascal ferrets named Rupert & Romy at the moment. They're freaking adorable. So life is not dull.

In other blurb news... I heart Grey's Anatomy. I fail at making tea all the time, as I have yet to purchase the convenience of an electric teakettle. Art school is expensive. Boy meets world finally being released on dvd helps complete my life. Kiwi's are an excellent fruit. It is currently 1:55am. & tomorrow is Saturday. So I get to sleep in. I said. Life is bueno. <><
Carpe Diem.