Thursday, June 30, 2011

I love the city!

Hey friends and family,
So.. It's official. I am truly having a stupendous summer :)

Today, LT & I managed our 1st solo adventure to Boston!! Yes, of course we got a bit lost, but whenever that happens, we just call it "we went adventuring" & it's actually quite more fun that way. We see very neat & new things. & eventually we made it to Alewife where the T-train is! And let me just say, I love the T-train. I know for a fact I could definitely either live in a city like Boston, or have to commute to one via a train transportation unit. The London Tube is still by far my favorite. & the Paris Metro was great too. Hated the Italian one. & I'll let you know my thoughts on the Subway next month. But as for the Boston T.. two thumbs up!

I'm watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban right now.. so hi, distracted again. It's at the climax scene too, with the dementors and Harry & Sirius. #intense.

But I just wanted to drop by really quick and comment on how much I loved exploring the city today! Didn't take too many pics. But we just enjoyed it. walked around. explored. got lost. got directions from a really sweet valet guy. found H&M! ate at the Cheers bar. & so on.

I think we have a good starter feel for the city.. we're definitely going to become better explorers.. for sure :)

Ok, Harry's passed out. g2g! lol. Ciao for now!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cptn. America

Wow. That's a pretty big picture for something that really had such a small impact on my day.

The role of Captain America in my Monday was there was a Cptn. America themed donut at Dunkin Donuts where I went for breakfast. Funny thing is though that I didn't even eat it. I bought it, but was too full from my Boston Creme & Vanilla iced coffee. So my cousin Erika ate it.

There's really no point to that story. I just thought it was a cool name for a donut. It was a very Katie thing to do, thus, to purchase it.

ANYWAY.. haha. Life here has been very busy. Ok, that's kind of a fib. I am honestly living the "" But we have been very active, I guess is a good way to describe it. Today for instance, I woke up. (always a good start) Took Lauren to Greenwood, (where she has swimteam) went to el librario, had my dunkin donut run, (that's where Cptn. America came in) came home, listened to music, (I promise we're getting to the active part) Did 8 minute Abs with Erika, played basketball, (more skill-improvement then active) went for a run, went swimming, did weights, made a meatloaf, listened to more music, had dinner, went for a walk, played very intense card games, called Amie, and wrote this blog entry. AndwowdidIjustboremyselfwritinganoldladyentrylikethat.

haha. I feel like a person who writes down everything they had to eat in a day! Not, that's a *bad* thing.. But I feel the boredom creeping in as I write it. I am a waay more exciting individual to already become boring at age 20.

ok, so let's see if I have any good stories. My good friend Anna Kay seems to pen her entries like she's an author. It's beautiful. I wonder if she edits.. I don't edit, in case you were wondering. Nope. what you read is what my brain is thinking at the exact moment my fingers are hitting the nifty keys. It's quite terribly exciting. My brain is definitely an interesting domain. For instance, did you know that all clams are born as males? And that then they can choose whether or not to become a female? But once they turn, the change is irreversible. I found that fascinating. Ok, maybe not *fascinating*.. but definitely interesting! #Thank you internet.
Oh yeah, my friend Lauren & I are now totally into the whole twitter #sign thing for all of our texts and particular real life moments. For instance: I saved a worm today... #hero.

hahaha. I didn't really laugh out loud just now. But I smiled pretty widely. If widely is the right word. Have I mentioned the smoke detectors? Yeah, we were all awakened or awoken last night to 8 smoke detectors beeping terribly obnoxiously.. I thought it was a nightmare at first. Until I stumbled out of bed and saw my aunt and uncle also stumbling around trying to figure out what was up. Apparently the batteries never got changed and the detectors got mad. And so they planned a sinister "revenge" that took place in the middle of the night.. #themadness.

If I weren't as I tired as am or if I were more awake then I feel I would definitely be of a sounder mind then what I have. I bet Lewis Carroll would say something like that. I think I remember writing this loopy/sleepy-ish once before. I think it was during a chat conversation with a friend, back in the days when I actually logged on to facebook chat. Today I'm just a ninja.

Okie Doke, says the 5 year old inside of me. Goodnight Amie. Goodnight Mum. Goodnight Hannah. Goodnight Anna Kay. As I do believe you are all the people who read this blog :) Which is great, I like being able to cater to such a small audience and also to myself. Though I might regret not even check-reading what I'm about to post in the morning.. For now, I will just say, Buenos Noches!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Once again in LOVE with Anthropology! & once again, I have to have willpower to walk away from all of the cute clothes & adorable giraffe candleholders as they range from $38-100.00 (a piece) Tragic is our relationship. Like Romeo & Juliet. Only instead of feuding family's, I have a budgeted wallet, and instead of someone dying at the end. I just end up walking away empty handed. So maybe not like Romeo & Juliet at all. Maybe it's just tragic. ♥

Regardless, I'm posting some pics here.. proof of my tragic love story.

Yeah, just the tip of the iceberg into the frosty sea of beautiful, yet insanely priced things Anthropologie has avaliable for purchase.

The top 2 are window displays. How amazing would it be to get to design such neat displays like that?? I'm definitely going to look into it after I graduate from SCAD.

And the latter two, the giraffe candleholder and the gazelle pillow. Yeah, those are 2 items I fell in hopeless love with. I might actually get the giraffe.. He's only 38.00.. & the "only" is just slightly sarcastic :)

haha, ok. enough drooling. Cheers, cyberspace of my rambling thoughts! Until tomorrow.


Again with the Free time.

Hola. Hi. Hello. Hey. What's up. Bonjour. Yo. and Hollah.
yeah, (big sigh) again with the lapses of time where I have so much free time. Unfortunately, I've had to wait to go exploring today, which is okay, I mean.. I have so many more days in which to explore. And it's the weekend. So lots of Mandt family shindigs going on.
I'm kind of debating deleting my facebook. I know. something I have never even considered before as to all of the photos I've uploaded over the years. But I'm tired of being the habit of constantly checking it. & honestly, it's not that exciting. I feel like I've kind of dropped off the social face of the earth this summer anyway. No, I'm not all sad & pathetic & lonely. lol. But, I definitely am taking a bit of hiatus from everyone. And those are good, right? Everyone needs a break now & again. Right?

Anyway, took my morning walk today. It's still drizzly here. But I took my camera anyway. Snapped some photos of my favorite houses on Mossman, some flowers were beautiful too, and then I just stalked some chipmunks like a National Geographic photog (though far less gracefully) until I looped back home. Got some cute ones too :)

Now, I just ate a whole bag of mini-carrots. That was lunch.

I guess it would be worth writing that I am finally starting to get the hang of this whole "Wii" remote thing.. haha. I was never ever skilled at it before, as, obviously, we don't have a Wii. And I have few friends with Wii's. But my cousins have one. & they have Mario Kart. Which is awesome, as I love Mario Kart. My character for this version is Baby Peach! haha, yeah.. She's awesome. With the bike with the turtle shell + her, I am a winning machine! lol. ok, maybe not quite.. but we're training!

Basketball with Lauren has been quite fun too. We play "commentary ball" a game I created, where we play 1 on 1 and I am the announcer dictating every move we do. It's pretty funny. And definitely strategic, as we mostly end up laughing and missing shots. at least, she does ;)

So yah. Still living the Sudbury life. I think we're going to begin more out of city adventures come next week though. Definitely going to hit up the Red line into Boston and see some museums, shopping, and r&r. Should be awesome! I'm staying chipper.

So until later, eat y our carrots. And pray the sun comes out again soon.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Verse of the Day.

Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all he has done.

--Philippians 4:6 (New Living Translation)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today, in a few select words.

cinnamon rolls. bacon. library. adventure. didn't get lost. swimming. hot tub. leftover chinese food. stumbleupon. & Harry Potter marathon!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

rainy days and complicated board games

So tonight, my 11 year old cousin attempted to teach me the game "Risk"
Now, when I think back to my memories of the game, "Risk" I always think of the McConnell's house, back in the early 2000's, when Jayce & Mr. Don would have commendered their dining room table with a board filled with little army men and cannons in a so-called strategic battle that generally lasted hours, if not days.
And so when my cousin pulled that game out of the designated game cupboard, I was a bit like "yeahhh, ok. funnnn" But, I was up to trying it!

So 30 minutes later.. after the instruction manuel had been fully exhausted, and my aunt, lt, and I had our little men spread throughout all of the 42 territories, the game finally started to make sense. And so we enjoyed a bit of actual play time, with dice moves decided whether Mongolia got to invade Siberia, and yadda yadda.

5 minutes or so later, we called game.
lol. Sorry Risk, but we decided to leave the strategizing for another night..
I can definitely see how guys ages 10-17 could be enthralled with that game, and maybe if I'd grown up with an older brother, I would have gotten into it. But at this current stage in my 20 year old life, as a chick, I don't really see any "allure" so to speak, that will ever entice me to play it again..

So yeah, that's my story for today! It's been a rainy day up here. So no morning walk. But I did get to drive a lot today! Quite the adventure. Erika and I almost died in Concord. (not really, but we came close to being t-boned) & all I could say when I saw the car coming was, "Oh look, we're going to die" that was it! Just so matter of factly. lol. It's horrible! But only because we had guardian angels, and we lived! We laughed and laughed the rest of the ride after that. Let me just say also, that if my aunt & uncle didn't have a gps, I would DEFINITELY probably not even be here writing this blog entry. I'd probably be in New Jersey. Or in Rhode Island. These New England roads are quite different from the Southern routes I'm used to. But I do believe I'm beginning to get a good hang of it. Let's see how this next week goes.

So yeah, exciting stuff, right? Oh, the life of a nanny. ;)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So. Many. Chipmunks.

..and bunnies too!

Hi. again with the free-time as I chill and lounge around Sudbury, Massachusetts. I'm not kidding about the chipmunks either, they are so freaking cute! & they're everywhere. Yesterday, I opened the door to go pick up my cousin, and there was a bunny. Right by the steps.. just hanging out. I sometimes feel like i'm in the dwarf's cottage in snow white. Except, that it's the 21st century, and I'm in the suburbs. But hey, imagination can be awesome.

So yeah.. insert adorable pictures of chipmunks and bunnies.. before I continue..

ok, I think that fulfills the "cute" quota of the day.
I'm a bit distracted by the tele right now.. I just got back from a 45 minute walk throughout the wooded neighborhood. I had a great phone convo with my nana Jackie :) She's almost 80, ya know? That's pretty awesome. As for me, today is June 21st. Which means, in exactly one month from today, I will be 21!

I feel like I should be more excited.. but I'm kind of just like, eh. another bday. Maybe it's cause I'm far away from all my friends and anyone "legal" lol. It's no big deal really. I did find that the Flaming Lips are playing in Boston on the 27th.. so heyy.. might finally get my chance to go see them after my last plans fell through! That could be very fun for the bday.

Last night was waffle night. No, there isn't a designated "waffle night" in the Mandt household.. But it was just me and the girls, and I therefore declared it to be "waffle night." They actually have a legit Belgian waffle maker too. Something I've never used, but the girls had. It was quite the adventure, lol, let me tell ya.. The 1st one (mine) turned out to be more like a waffle, funnel, cake. But I thought it was delicious. I just put a lot of cool whip, strawberries, and syrup on it.. and bon appetit. Erika's came out fairly ok.. and Lauren had the perfect one. (of course) It was messy, but life is worth the messes. and besides, waffle mess is easily cleaned up. So I think it was worth it :)

ok, this is definitely a rambling post. I blame the tv show I'm watching..
sorry! but hope all is well back home! Ame & Mom, hope you guys have fun in Atlanta! & I'll call you guys later. x

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

every little girl has tea parties :) and every little girl's daddy is a sweetheart who never refuses, even after work during the yankee's game.. ;)

Happy Fathers Day, Dad! I'm sorry I'm not there to go fishing with you! But you'll be hearing from me soon. Love you lots!
<3 Katie-Bear.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

1st night in the city = a success!

Hey! Oh wow, 2 posts in the same 24 hour span. I am so much more diligent with this blogging thing now then when I was across the pond. Must be because I have so much more free time & there are less people to talk to.

Anyway, we went into the city tonight! The city of Boston, for those who might still be in the dark as to my current location. Everyone was decked out in Bruins apparel, as the parade was earlier that day, so lots of celebrating still going on. And also, the Katy Perry concert was tonight. My cousin Erika and her friend went to that. The rest of us, Me, my aunt, uncle, and LT, hit up the town instead. Lauren & I explored Faneuil Hall, while Aunt Lisa & Uncle George watched the rest of the Red Sox game at the Cheers bar. Then we meandered over to the North End of the city. Aka: The Italian end.
And oh boy, was it Italian.. I loved it. So many ristorantes, and gelato cafes. And the majority of the people walking the streets were definitely legit Italians. We ate at this very authentic restaurant, with extremely Italian waiters. I swear, I know for a fact the mafia is still going strong. Because I'd bet money that all of our waiters were involved. lol. but I'm serious. They were playing a lot of movies in the restaurant. 7 screens all next to each other, with 7 different Italian-mob-boss movies. very interesting for a dinner atmosphere. I liked it. But it's not always so great when you order marinara sauce and then you look up and see a guy being stabbed to death in the film, Goodfellows. Am I right, or am I right?

The rest of the night consisted of taking in the sights. people watching. and then finishing the film "Toothless" in the back of the Acura while we waited for the concert to finish. Great movie btw. One of my childhood favorites..

Now, it's about 1am. I have skyped the savannah familia. Apparently it's raining persians and poodles back home. Good luck with that you guys. I think I'm going to end with an Anchorman quote... "This is Ron Burgandy, saying, stay classy San Diego"

lol. g'nite!

Day 3.

Buenos dias Boston! May I just add that it is so nice to have a full/queen sized bed. Seriously! I now know what I have been missing all these years in my little twin sized day bed. I get to be a starfish in this baby. haha, It's bliss. & I have two beautiful windows with a gorgeous New England foliage view too. That's my next thing to talk about, I was going to make it a fb status, but I think I'll just put it here; I love all the trees up here!! And there are chipmunks everywhere! They're so cute :)

Yesterday was crazy chill. I slept in. I ate a bowl of cereal. I watched the Food network. & more cartoons. & then I decided I just HAD to find some project to work on. So I did! I am undertaking the quest of making this fabulous recipe book with all the recipes I have come to love over the years, and with any new ones I discover while I'm over here. I actually decoupaged the cover of the sketchbook I'm using yesterday with all of these cutouts from "Bon Appetit" magazine. It looks terribly cute and very legit. I have also inspired my cousin LT to do the same, so she's in the process of making one as well. So +1 for that brilliant idea! lol.

Friday is always pizza night in the Mandt house. & they had meatball pizza.. which was a first for me, and definitely not a last. It's a great pizza!
Now it's Saturday, and my aunt & uncle are home from work, so it's a different house dynamic to get used to. Definitely a bit busier. We're off to the city in a bit, as Erika and her friend are going to the Katy Perry concert tonight in Boston Garden. Lucky ducks. They're going to have a blast. While they are there, my aunt, lauren, and I will be walking the streets and exploring the city as we wait to pick them up. The whole city of Boston is going crazy today thanks to the Boston Bruins victory over the Canucks for the Stanley Cup championship. Today is parade day. & alllll the duck boats are in prime form as the march/ride through the Boston streets. Sports are kind of a big deal here, as I mentioned. :)

Ok, I'm off now. Sorry I have no pictures to post yet. I'll go ahead and throw one in of a dunkin donut, as I had my 1st one yesterday! And yes. It was perfect.

Cheers for now!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Boston. chipmunks. exploring. and Looney Tunes

Alright, I have made it to the state of Massachusetts! The plane rides went well. The only downside was the crummy chinese food I purchased in Charlotte. Here's a tip, never buy airport chinese food! For the rest of the layover and duration of my flight, I just read. daydreamed. played my ds. and admired the clouds. & then before I knew it, I was meeting my aunt at baggage claim in one of my favorite US cities :) Seriously, I find New England to be so charming! The towns are adorable. They are very Stars Hollow-esq is how I would describe it. & I really like the use of stone everywhere..

Today is Day 2. Last night was very chill. I spent time with my cousins. made duck tape bows. unpacked. and watched the Boston Bruins win the Stanley Cup at Game 7 in Canada! 4-0, Boston. So great. My family up here is really into sports. Like, really really. lol. My summer goal is to get Fit like a Brit! & I don't think I'll have any problems accomplishing it. I already went exploring both on foot and as a GA driver learning the MA roads. I accidentally ended up in Concord when I meant to find Mayard.. but it was ok! I was kind of just winging it. & the drives up here are beautiful. foliage everywhere. I'd say it's like in Twilight.. but I hate the Twilight movies, so no. It's like any other awesome movie with country-ish nature roads. Anne of Green Gables, maybe.
I did find Maynard eventually.. (hallelujah.) Found the dunkin donuts too! lol. I did a little dance with that one :)

Now I'm back, as the sole occupant of the house. made a turkey sandwich. did some workouts. realized how poor a shot I have become at basketball.. lol. And now I'm blogging and watching Looney Tunes while I wait to pick up my cousin from the bus stop. How brutal is that? They're still IN school! It's crazy..

Obviously, life is good. It's definitely a new adventure! I hope to maybe stay up with this blog again. Even though I'm in the same country this time, I know my family likes to stay updated. Miss you guys. <3 Talk soon.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

this post is fueled by pain. agony. and random tangents.

If I find that violence is allowed when I get to heaven, if even for a brief second of time, I swear I am going to kickbox Eve right on the jaw...

yeah. didn't see that coming, did ya?
moving on..
in other news.
the 1984 Karate Kid is Amazing!
That kid was so smooth.. even by movie's standards.
he took Justin Long's advice from He's just not that into you, all the way.
Which is great! for that girl. not for me. as I now swear by JL's advice. and where am I? Sitting in a bed curled up like a turtle wishing I could have a donut. But then my sister says you shouldn't have any sugar during this delicate time of the month, and I'm like, great. more phenomenal news! ha. ...I'm probably going to eat one anyway. lol. Ok, look! I see a cheery cloud on the horizon. Could it be?? Does attitude make all the difference?? yeah, that. or the promise of a donut. either one. :)