Monday, November 8, 2010


^ the # of photos I took in Amsterdam

too many -- the # of pretzel sticks I ate dipped in nutella tonight
0 -- the amount of hw I did today
5 -- the # of Bjork songs I listened to this evening
Chili & cornbread -- the dinner I made tonight :)

I have to go email some documents concerning my SCAD application now, so this is a mucho short entry. However, Amsterdam was an amazing trip. Great time. Charming City. Cool museums. and AH-mazing Dutch Food! Couldn't have been better.. except for the 14-ish hour journey to and fro was rather long. Wish I had the power of I dream of Jeannie in circumstances such as that.. but alas. TV land has copyrights.

seminar & rain-date rescheduled bonfire for Guy Fawkes day tomorrow! {excited}
Buenos Noches!


a couple pics from my trip in Amsterdam:

Jump photo by the Iamsterdam sign!

Dutch Canals... lovely.

Amsterdam at night

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