Monday, November 22, 2010

oh hey, blogging world..

I feel like you are a long lost friend, as I sit here on my bed, typing away, whatever thoughts come to... hmm. I can't think of a proper word to keep the rhyming up. So enough of that then.

I am still in Swansea. I have exactly 1 month left on this day, as it is the 22nd of November, and I return the 22nd of December. I'm looking forward to it, and then I'm not. I don't know, currently I feel sort of lost within myself. It's probably just a day-funk, but I miss being who I am all the time and getting to say my 2 cents with complete confidence and uncaring as I'm usually around those who know me best. Here, I love all of my 9 roommates, they're wonderful. And I love getting to know them and hanging out etcetera. But I don't share a lot about myself. I'm more the "quiet homemaker" lol. (Because I cook all the time.) I accept this though, it's a neat role to play. Though one I couldn't live with for long. I'm glad I get along so well with Lauren, she's fantastic. We're 2 American peas in a metaphorical pod. lol. I find myself awfully tongue-tied over here.. what the heck is with that?? I mean, honestly.. such a dork. so socially awkward in group settings some times. but hey, c'est la vie. Best not to dwell in my opinion. And you, whoever you are that might actually read this.. probably my mum.. (hi mum).. you mostly want to hear about my exciting adventures and tales. Well, I won't disappoint.
I'm having LOADS of adventures! So if you ever want to get a cup of Joe sometime, I'll be sure and tell you all about them... ;)

ha, ok. I kid. Here are some pics with captions to fill you in a bit on my life in Wales!

Guy Fawkes Day rain-date celebration! (the girl in the photo besides yours truly would be Lauren, btw)

Trying Haggis in Scotland. (for I was a brave adventurer) ===>

Good 'ol Nessie sighting in Inverness on our Loch Ness Cruise..

And 1st sight of Frost, in who knows how many years!

And finally, a silly string party at one of the clubs in town we went to the other night. {Great fun}


Oy. I was going to watch Peter Pan, but no. Instead I just wasted away some of my life doing nothing of particular really. Just facebook. browser shopping online. and this blog entry. I don't even have music on! Something must be wrong with today.. for that is truly un-katie like of me.

In other news, I miss my jeep. I miss driving with my music too loud and the windows down. Also, I miss my full-length mirror. So vain, but it really puts a damper on my trying to get ready in the morning.

ok. that is all really. No, Not really. But all I have the energy or desire to type for now. So arrivederci my blog. Until another few weeks pass..

solo una chica


  1. Hahaha! I enjoy all your posts, tales of adventures AND your thoughts:). PS: I'd feel the same way and you know how confident I am! ;) It sounds like you have it pretty together on knowing who you are...getting comfortable with being that when surrounded by others holding different worldviews is not something we Christians or even humans in general always do easily. C'est la vie (means to let things roll right off, right? :)
    Enjoy your adventures and your reflections. They're both equally intriguing! Love the many facets of your character that come out in your blogging. Yup....Cool beans. Blog again soon! (totally different from fb and phone calls...but coffee, yep it's a definite date)

  2. I miss you and I read this blog! I'm happy that you are learning and having fun, but I'll be even more happy to have you home(And yes I know that is selfish).

  3. Aaw... this entry made me sad. =( I miss you so much!!! I know you're having a great time... but Dec. 22 is too far away! I'm ready to hear all of your stories in person. =) Love you, duckie!

  4. out of curiosity...what kind of jeep do you drive? personally, i quite miss my '97 wrangler