Saturday, April 28, 2012


Cheers Internet!

I finally understand why my school's mascot is a bumblebee. Well, not so much the "bumble" part as the part that SCAD keeps us all busy as bees! Seriously, I have 5 more weeks of this? Oh, but nooo, I actually have only 4 weeks. Because I am actually headed to LA and the glorious west.coast, land of In N Out burger in about a month!!! Oh yes. the excitement. It builds. I am leaving 1 week early, aka: finals week. aka: probably the most important week ever. But oh well, plane tickets were bought oodles ago. It's for my cousin's wedding. So I'll be seeing lots of family and strangers. Should be grand!

But yes, In n Out burger.... mi fast food amor. My knight of shining unhealthiness. I cannot wait until our reunion. haha.

ok, so this is an update. Way belated. But better late than not. My capitolization is quite random, I note that and do apologize. But you know me, I'm an art kid. English and grammar was not one of my fortes.

ok, ok dos, time to post a picture of a palm tree and the skidaddle.
until later updates.

stay stellar.