Friday, November 26, 2010

I dine on rice, cheese, & crackers.

Also, I am currently enjoying the best cup of tea I have made in my entire stay over here.
(I think the secret lies with the honey)

Thanksgiving came and went. Some would say it was only yesterday.. but in fact, we celebrated on Wednesday so that all of our housemates could be here. We had a total of 13 people at our table in House 8. Three pies, Two meats, and as many casseroles and deviled eggs as you could want! It was a major success in my opinion. I couldn't have asked for better people to celebrate thanksgiving with in the UK, while I'm away from home.
Right now, it's Friday. I did school all day yesterday. Thursday is my big day here. I'm sad to say I don't do much academically any other day of the week. I had every intention of going to the library today. I also was ready to run this morning. But no, the rain and this nasty throat/cold illness I seem to have contracted put a halt to both of those plans. It's okay. I will accomplish something today.. probably my SCAD statement of purpose. We're going to the town of Cheltenham tomorrow for the Christmas market! Mayhaps it will even snow... How perfect would that be? :)

In other news, my hair has officially driven me loco. It's unruly, misbehaved, and a complete abomination on my head. It has to go.
I'm going to let Mallory trim it for me, and then it's straight to the salon when I get home. I already know the cut I want.. and I possibly might dye it too. I'm kind of at this free-spirited, what-the-heck, stage with my hair right now. Idk, it's kind of like, you watch The Devil Wears Prada with the amazing talent of Meryl Streep.. and you just walk away from it wanting to become a much more fashionable you! I might even buy HEELS! and actually wear them! That's how inspired I am... haha

Well, no one likes to just read a blog entry with some pictures splashed in throughout. We are a visual species afterall. So you will have now seen the Thanksgiving ones above that I did not insert until just now.. And I guess I can throw in one more.

But what to put?

Ah, I got it.

One of some of the people I miss most... Happy Belated Thanksgiving, everyone


  1. It sounds like you had a great holiday! Thanksgiving is always so much more fun with a ton of people around. =D
    What are you thinking about doing with your hair? *curious* Finally strawberry blonde? {For the record though, I love your hair.)
    Have I mentioned I miss you? 'Cause I do. Loads.

  2. aww, a comment from my beloved Anna kaY! This is a happy day :) It was a great holiday, I hope yours was splendid as well! haha, yesss I think I'm finally going to go for the strawberry! Probably just in a box though, to try it out. I'm feeling adventurous. But thank you for the hair compliment, I rather admire yours as well ;)

    um, well.. I definitely miss you back. I was thinking earlier that you, me, and Hannah need to have a thrift store day when I get back! I'm so down for that..

  3. I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I love all your Thanksgiving pictures and I a totally remember taking that one from graduation.

    I love the idea of a thrift store day!

  4. Just read this out to Sam as she cuts my hair, she is having a fit! She feels that this Mallory girl has take her place. We miss you.

    Sam is now ranting about challenging Mallory to a friend haircut dual. Come home before things get ugly.

    "America sucks with out Katie" - Sam

  5. hahahahaha
    awww, you guys have no idea how much I miss you!

    Tell Sam if you see her, that no. no duals.
    especially with scissors.
    but also tell her I love that quote :)

  6. hahahhahaha....I love reading you girls! Ya'll are such a hoot. But, the pic of graduation and the comment that preceeded it was precious darlin. Lovin and missin you tons! And I, too, love your honey colored hair. Don't get the why of why you want to change it but then...right now, I cut most all mine off and wish I could dial the clock back! :)