Monday, December 20, 2010

Bon Voyage Swansea!

Hey all,
so, this is it. I type this at 1am on my last night in Swansea. I am the last one standing in my house. The "Queen" of House 8 as I call myself. Though, in all honesty, having a giant 10 bedroom house is just no good if you're all alone. I've had some good times with the few americans left here in this ghost town of a student village though. The snow which we initially loved and frolicked in on the 16th as since caused utter turmoil and chaos in the functioning of the Heathrow airport. A bunch, if not most of my friends who left on the 18th are still stuck in Heathrow with no hope of getting home until Christmas Eve. So yeah.. it's bad. I leave tomorrow morning on the coach directly to London Heathrow airport. I'm going up a day early so as not to be stranded by the snow here in Swansea. [I at least want to make it to London.] But whether or not my flight will take off as planned is still undetermined... It'll be a very unpredictable journey. One I will probably block from my memory once it's all over. But for now I'm staying positive. It's not the end of the world. I'm mentally preparing myself for the worst, but still hoping for the best! Which would be.. Christmas with my loving family :) I am bringing 8 sandwiches with me though.. (just in case)

Anyway, today was fun! I'm posting some pics of the snow on day 2, as well as a sledding pic from our fun we had today with cookie sheets. We also built one bad a** snowman. A french fellow named Jean Val Jean. He's super fly, though he has this awful habit of smoking..

To all my friends and family, I love you all. & I can't wait to see you guys (hopefully) soon!! To Swansea & the wonderful country of Wales.. Thank you for some of the best experiences of my entire life. This has been an unforgettable 4 months. I have been truly blessed. <>< I love that I can always and forever say, I'll always have Swansea..

ok. That's all for now. Peace Out UK, It's been real.

xx Katie S.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's the Final Countdown!

hey! what? 19 days too long to go with kt adventure updates?
haha, yeah.. sorry bout that. I'm going to write this one really quick actually, as I have a skype date with some lovely chicas! So editing be damned.
For starters, I had to say the rest of my farewells yesterday. Practically all of the Americans left yesterday along with all the British & Welsh students as the term is now over and holiday has commenced. Bonus -- it snowed!! We have probably 5 inches on the ground right now. It's really pretty. I had to walk to uni for my final exam yesterday. It was 2.5 miles walking there in a winter wonderland. I actually enjoyed it. So different from Georgia weather! Before the exam though I had to say my final farewells to the remainders of my housemates, Ollie, Hayley, Owen & my American chica Lauren. It was of course, horribly sad. But I have pictures which I will one day post, and I'm glad to have them. Right now, I'm sitting in my kitchen all alone. The Queen, and last one standing of House 8. (where it's great) I am of course, a cleaning machine, because cleaning helps me not miss them so much, cause I'm not thinking about it. But when I do think about it, It's really sad. Lauren left me this great playlist though, and Ollie left his speakers! so that's been wonderful. :) Music has helped fill the new hole in my heart... haha. sooo sappy, but ch'yeah. you get the idea. I'm no poet.
We did have an adventure last night though, in quick summary.. my friend Julia needed to be taken to the ER. So a bunch of us piled in my British friend Ali's car about 10 at night and traveled and waited there until midnight. Luckily, it wasn't anything serious. So Lord be praised. However, then I had to come back to my empy, creaky house.. [sigh] It's ok. I'm coping, I'm coping. Pinkie Promise :)

Hung out mostly with Julia today. watched Peter Pan, etc. And we all now it's a good day when we watch Peter Pan..

I gotta go skype now. But I'll try and devote more time to blogging during these last 4 days I'm here solo.

Much love from the UK!

xx Katie