Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I am in Fact, a Romantic.

Day 83.
Not the best of days.
But, I did in fact, get a small bit of something accomplished. ("small" being the operative word.)
To summarize briefly... I dealt with illness (i've run out of ny/day-quil) I battled technology and it's evil way of hating my existence. (As well as unhelpful and rather unpleasant librarians.) I was frequently running into Father Winter and his jolly companion Jack Frost. (aka..saying hi to the cold outdoors) Snow still keeps evading Swansea, btw. (It's very unfair) And finally, my Mary Poppins bag was quite burdened down today, and my out-of-shape-haven't-worked-at-all-since-I've-been-here-thus-the-odious-winter-weight-and-low-self-esteem person had deal with lugging that on my shoulder all day.

fun times.
The day did pick up however. Julia & I went to our seminar to discover we were the only 2 students to show up. So we picked the brain of our professor & he lets us go within 10 minutes. So pleasant turn-around #1.
We then decided to cash in on the 1/2 price sale of Ben & Jerry's in the SPAR. (o yes) First stealing spoons from the cafeteria & then purchasing the treasured thousand calorie goodness which we then ate on the bus to the village. (pickme up #2)


* quick interval where I say I currently play this song alll the time.... I have a new love for James Blunt .... http://www.youtube.com/watchv=UOtSOOfjAfE&feature=BF&list=FLmgpJgsS3dKM&index=2


Pick me up #3 was the greatest though. It has to do with this post's subject title.
Peter Pan made my day today. I can't explain it. I doubt anyone ever can. It's something that you can't really put into words, it's said through the feeling you (or I) get when I watch Peter Pan and listen to the (phenomenal) soundtrack, especially at the end with Peter & Wendy and Wendy's gift of the "thimble" or the hidden kiss. .... I cry every time. And I don't care that I'll admit that to cyberspace. It's my blog. my thoughts. even though I often self-censor them and poorly express them anyway. Peter Pan will always be one of my favorite movies. For both adventure, and for love. It's a story my children (if I ever reproduce) will have read to them.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7bA6lo35X4 <-- {for romantics only}

I mean, c'mon... The lost boys? tinkerbell? Captain James Hook?! Some of the best characters ever! I love it. Oh, and even in my 20 year old body, I still think that Jeremy Sumpter is crazy cute as a Peter Pan.. He did a great job in that role! He'll always be my favorite Peter Pan.

"I do believe in fairies.. I do! I do!" (another good scene)

Ah, I see I fell back to my tradition of rambling.. Or "waffling" as the British say.
You wouldn't want to be in my head. It's a bowl of spaghetti. Thoughts bouncing from one to the next.. some trivial. too many deeper than my tongue will ever let me portray.. etc.
I have quite an eclectic head. lol.

This post is now long, and I promised to "pretend to study"
So now that I have played the pretend part, it's time to do the study bit.
Paris in 2 days!
I miss Savannah.
much love and thoughts to those I know most.
a cordial hello to those I don't.
That is all.

~ katie. nicole. schulz.


  1. ha ha! There is a certain sense of victory and pride knowing that one of my precious explorers actually can say, "I Miss Savannah." I'm definitely having a moment! Enjoy Paris, take a ridiculous amount of pictures, and stay clear of their political craziness( I worry about you).

  2. I so enjoy your blogging lil one. Had no idea all those spaghetti-esque thoughts can coalesce quite so beautifully into one single blog-moment :).

  3. lol. I can so see you saying that comment Hannah.. I even envision a miniature fist pump and victory moment. haha I do miss Savannah.. more so with the holidays fast approaching. I did have a great time in Paris though :) It was magnificent. I appreciate your concern, but please know, I was completely ok. I have guardian angels, babe. ;) But I did see the military were out everywhere.. kind of crazy.

    p.s. It's almost your birthday!!!! :D I'm so bummed to be missing it, but please know I'll be thinking of you, and we shall celebrate with lemon cake & Enrique Igleseias songs when I return :)

  4. p.s. mom, I promise to blog more once the library releases me from it's evil grasps as it's academic slave!
    (aka: after my 2 evil essays)