Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 3.

Buenos dias Boston! May I just add that it is so nice to have a full/queen sized bed. Seriously! I now know what I have been missing all these years in my little twin sized day bed. I get to be a starfish in this baby. haha, It's bliss. & I have two beautiful windows with a gorgeous New England foliage view too. That's my next thing to talk about, I was going to make it a fb status, but I think I'll just put it here; I love all the trees up here!! And there are chipmunks everywhere! They're so cute :)

Yesterday was crazy chill. I slept in. I ate a bowl of cereal. I watched the Food network. & more cartoons. & then I decided I just HAD to find some project to work on. So I did! I am undertaking the quest of making this fabulous recipe book with all the recipes I have come to love over the years, and with any new ones I discover while I'm over here. I actually decoupaged the cover of the sketchbook I'm using yesterday with all of these cutouts from "Bon Appetit" magazine. It looks terribly cute and very legit. I have also inspired my cousin LT to do the same, so she's in the process of making one as well. So +1 for that brilliant idea! lol.

Friday is always pizza night in the Mandt house. & they had meatball pizza.. which was a first for me, and definitely not a last. It's a great pizza!
Now it's Saturday, and my aunt & uncle are home from work, so it's a different house dynamic to get used to. Definitely a bit busier. We're off to the city in a bit, as Erika and her friend are going to the Katy Perry concert tonight in Boston Garden. Lucky ducks. They're going to have a blast. While they are there, my aunt, lauren, and I will be walking the streets and exploring the city as we wait to pick them up. The whole city of Boston is going crazy today thanks to the Boston Bruins victory over the Canucks for the Stanley Cup championship. Today is parade day. & alllll the duck boats are in prime form as the march/ride through the Boston streets. Sports are kind of a big deal here, as I mentioned. :)

Ok, I'm off now. Sorry I have no pictures to post yet. I'll go ahead and throw one in of a dunkin donut, as I had my 1st one yesterday! And yes. It was perfect.

Cheers for now!

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