Thursday, June 16, 2011

Boston. chipmunks. exploring. and Looney Tunes

Alright, I have made it to the state of Massachusetts! The plane rides went well. The only downside was the crummy chinese food I purchased in Charlotte. Here's a tip, never buy airport chinese food! For the rest of the layover and duration of my flight, I just read. daydreamed. played my ds. and admired the clouds. & then before I knew it, I was meeting my aunt at baggage claim in one of my favorite US cities :) Seriously, I find New England to be so charming! The towns are adorable. They are very Stars Hollow-esq is how I would describe it. & I really like the use of stone everywhere..

Today is Day 2. Last night was very chill. I spent time with my cousins. made duck tape bows. unpacked. and watched the Boston Bruins win the Stanley Cup at Game 7 in Canada! 4-0, Boston. So great. My family up here is really into sports. Like, really really. lol. My summer goal is to get Fit like a Brit! & I don't think I'll have any problems accomplishing it. I already went exploring both on foot and as a GA driver learning the MA roads. I accidentally ended up in Concord when I meant to find Mayard.. but it was ok! I was kind of just winging it. & the drives up here are beautiful. foliage everywhere. I'd say it's like in Twilight.. but I hate the Twilight movies, so no. It's like any other awesome movie with country-ish nature roads. Anne of Green Gables, maybe.
I did find Maynard eventually.. (hallelujah.) Found the dunkin donuts too! lol. I did a little dance with that one :)

Now I'm back, as the sole occupant of the house. made a turkey sandwich. did some workouts. realized how poor a shot I have become at basketball.. lol. And now I'm blogging and watching Looney Tunes while I wait to pick up my cousin from the bus stop. How brutal is that? They're still IN school! It's crazy..

Obviously, life is good. It's definitely a new adventure! I hope to maybe stay up with this blog again. Even though I'm in the same country this time, I know my family likes to stay updated. Miss you guys. <3 Talk soon.



  1. Please post! I think it is a great idea. Happy you made it in safe.

  2. thanks, love! :) I miss you already.

  3. Ditto Hannah's comment! I'll def be keeping up w/ this blog. It's got so much of your personality in it - amazing for the internet, and WAY better than Fb.
    Also - your cousins are still in school?! That is so sad...

  4. haha, thanks Anna Kay! I can't wait to keep up with your blog!! & yes, they are still in school.. bloody finals.. but they're almost done! So we'll be sure and celebrate. probably with donuts ;)

  5. I with Hannah and AnnaKay...this blog is more delicious than a Dunkin Donut with icing and sprinkles....and THAT (since it is my favorite donut) is saying alot! Totally love it. Want to follow Anna Kay's too so I need her blog address. Boston, Italy...what travelers ya'll have become. I am fighting being sad at my travl-lessness life. :(
    So I will enjoy my travel vicariously this summer :)