Saturday, June 18, 2011

1st night in the city = a success!

Hey! Oh wow, 2 posts in the same 24 hour span. I am so much more diligent with this blogging thing now then when I was across the pond. Must be because I have so much more free time & there are less people to talk to.

Anyway, we went into the city tonight! The city of Boston, for those who might still be in the dark as to my current location. Everyone was decked out in Bruins apparel, as the parade was earlier that day, so lots of celebrating still going on. And also, the Katy Perry concert was tonight. My cousin Erika and her friend went to that. The rest of us, Me, my aunt, uncle, and LT, hit up the town instead. Lauren & I explored Faneuil Hall, while Aunt Lisa & Uncle George watched the rest of the Red Sox game at the Cheers bar. Then we meandered over to the North End of the city. Aka: The Italian end.
And oh boy, was it Italian.. I loved it. So many ristorantes, and gelato cafes. And the majority of the people walking the streets were definitely legit Italians. We ate at this very authentic restaurant, with extremely Italian waiters. I swear, I know for a fact the mafia is still going strong. Because I'd bet money that all of our waiters were involved. lol. but I'm serious. They were playing a lot of movies in the restaurant. 7 screens all next to each other, with 7 different Italian-mob-boss movies. very interesting for a dinner atmosphere. I liked it. But it's not always so great when you order marinara sauce and then you look up and see a guy being stabbed to death in the film, Goodfellows. Am I right, or am I right?

The rest of the night consisted of taking in the sights. people watching. and then finishing the film "Toothless" in the back of the Acura while we waited for the concert to finish. Great movie btw. One of my childhood favorites..

Now, it's about 1am. I have skyped the savannah familia. Apparently it's raining persians and poodles back home. Good luck with that you guys. I think I'm going to end with an Anchorman quote... "This is Ron Burgandy, saying, stay classy San Diego"

lol. g'nite!


  1. Goodfellas huh.....definitely not my fave italian movie. I woulda preferred My Cousin Vinnie. (but think I heard the language is bad in that one-can't remember- but you know how movies made in the 80's were! So....maybe Rocky instead). Impressed you could follow 6 movies at the same time AND side by side!!!!!!! Unless they were all animated Disney flicks...its an achievement that would totally elude me . I don't even do the picture in a picture option on the TV set. ;)

  2. PS: You make me want to see Toothless again...AND Boston. But not the Bruins - I'd rather watch a hockey chick flick like IceCastles.