Saturday, June 25, 2011


Once again in LOVE with Anthropology! & once again, I have to have willpower to walk away from all of the cute clothes & adorable giraffe candleholders as they range from $38-100.00 (a piece) Tragic is our relationship. Like Romeo & Juliet. Only instead of feuding family's, I have a budgeted wallet, and instead of someone dying at the end. I just end up walking away empty handed. So maybe not like Romeo & Juliet at all. Maybe it's just tragic. ♥

Regardless, I'm posting some pics here.. proof of my tragic love story.

Yeah, just the tip of the iceberg into the frosty sea of beautiful, yet insanely priced things Anthropologie has avaliable for purchase.

The top 2 are window displays. How amazing would it be to get to design such neat displays like that?? I'm definitely going to look into it after I graduate from SCAD.

And the latter two, the giraffe candleholder and the gazelle pillow. Yeah, those are 2 items I fell in hopeless love with. I might actually get the giraffe.. He's only 38.00.. & the "only" is just slightly sarcastic :)

haha, ok. enough drooling. Cheers, cyberspace of my rambling thoughts! Until tomorrow.


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