Saturday, June 25, 2011

Again with the Free time.

Hola. Hi. Hello. Hey. What's up. Bonjour. Yo. and Hollah.
yeah, (big sigh) again with the lapses of time where I have so much free time. Unfortunately, I've had to wait to go exploring today, which is okay, I mean.. I have so many more days in which to explore. And it's the weekend. So lots of Mandt family shindigs going on.
I'm kind of debating deleting my facebook. I know. something I have never even considered before as to all of the photos I've uploaded over the years. But I'm tired of being the habit of constantly checking it. & honestly, it's not that exciting. I feel like I've kind of dropped off the social face of the earth this summer anyway. No, I'm not all sad & pathetic & lonely. lol. But, I definitely am taking a bit of hiatus from everyone. And those are good, right? Everyone needs a break now & again. Right?

Anyway, took my morning walk today. It's still drizzly here. But I took my camera anyway. Snapped some photos of my favorite houses on Mossman, some flowers were beautiful too, and then I just stalked some chipmunks like a National Geographic photog (though far less gracefully) until I looped back home. Got some cute ones too :)

Now, I just ate a whole bag of mini-carrots. That was lunch.

I guess it would be worth writing that I am finally starting to get the hang of this whole "Wii" remote thing.. haha. I was never ever skilled at it before, as, obviously, we don't have a Wii. And I have few friends with Wii's. But my cousins have one. & they have Mario Kart. Which is awesome, as I love Mario Kart. My character for this version is Baby Peach! haha, yeah.. She's awesome. With the bike with the turtle shell + her, I am a winning machine! lol. ok, maybe not quite.. but we're training!

Basketball with Lauren has been quite fun too. We play "commentary ball" a game I created, where we play 1 on 1 and I am the announcer dictating every move we do. It's pretty funny. And definitely strategic, as we mostly end up laughing and missing shots. at least, she does ;)

So yah. Still living the Sudbury life. I think we're going to begin more out of city adventures come next week though. Definitely going to hit up the Red line into Boston and see some museums, shopping, and r&r. Should be awesome! I'm staying chipper.

So until later, eat y our carrots. And pray the sun comes out again soon.


  1. yep....difficult to just eat the vegies and no carbs though. Proud of you for conquering! As for fb....I just rarely ever go there but I'd hate to see you lose all your photos so....just don't update or go very often to it. Nothing's really lost and still have a pic library to go to whenever you want :)

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