Monday, June 27, 2011

Cptn. America

Wow. That's a pretty big picture for something that really had such a small impact on my day.

The role of Captain America in my Monday was there was a Cptn. America themed donut at Dunkin Donuts where I went for breakfast. Funny thing is though that I didn't even eat it. I bought it, but was too full from my Boston Creme & Vanilla iced coffee. So my cousin Erika ate it.

There's really no point to that story. I just thought it was a cool name for a donut. It was a very Katie thing to do, thus, to purchase it.

ANYWAY.. haha. Life here has been very busy. Ok, that's kind of a fib. I am honestly living the "" But we have been very active, I guess is a good way to describe it. Today for instance, I woke up. (always a good start) Took Lauren to Greenwood, (where she has swimteam) went to el librario, had my dunkin donut run, (that's where Cptn. America came in) came home, listened to music, (I promise we're getting to the active part) Did 8 minute Abs with Erika, played basketball, (more skill-improvement then active) went for a run, went swimming, did weights, made a meatloaf, listened to more music, had dinner, went for a walk, played very intense card games, called Amie, and wrote this blog entry. AndwowdidIjustboremyselfwritinganoldladyentrylikethat.

haha. I feel like a person who writes down everything they had to eat in a day! Not, that's a *bad* thing.. But I feel the boredom creeping in as I write it. I am a waay more exciting individual to already become boring at age 20.

ok, so let's see if I have any good stories. My good friend Anna Kay seems to pen her entries like she's an author. It's beautiful. I wonder if she edits.. I don't edit, in case you were wondering. Nope. what you read is what my brain is thinking at the exact moment my fingers are hitting the nifty keys. It's quite terribly exciting. My brain is definitely an interesting domain. For instance, did you know that all clams are born as males? And that then they can choose whether or not to become a female? But once they turn, the change is irreversible. I found that fascinating. Ok, maybe not *fascinating*.. but definitely interesting! #Thank you internet.
Oh yeah, my friend Lauren & I are now totally into the whole twitter #sign thing for all of our texts and particular real life moments. For instance: I saved a worm today... #hero.

hahaha. I didn't really laugh out loud just now. But I smiled pretty widely. If widely is the right word. Have I mentioned the smoke detectors? Yeah, we were all awakened or awoken last night to 8 smoke detectors beeping terribly obnoxiously.. I thought it was a nightmare at first. Until I stumbled out of bed and saw my aunt and uncle also stumbling around trying to figure out what was up. Apparently the batteries never got changed and the detectors got mad. And so they planned a sinister "revenge" that took place in the middle of the night.. #themadness.

If I weren't as I tired as am or if I were more awake then I feel I would definitely be of a sounder mind then what I have. I bet Lewis Carroll would say something like that. I think I remember writing this loopy/sleepy-ish once before. I think it was during a chat conversation with a friend, back in the days when I actually logged on to facebook chat. Today I'm just a ninja.

Okie Doke, says the 5 year old inside of me. Goodnight Amie. Goodnight Mum. Goodnight Hannah. Goodnight Anna Kay. As I do believe you are all the people who read this blog :) Which is great, I like being able to cater to such a small audience and also to myself. Though I might regret not even check-reading what I'm about to post in the morning.. For now, I will just say, Buenos Noches!


  1. Ahhhh! I love your post. You always make me smile! I am sorry you are bored, but you are the mastermind at fixing that. I'm sure with your go-get-it attitude it will not last long. Remember sometimes slow is not boring, just different. Look for the little things in it that you wouldn't get to see if you were running around. :) I miss you lots. Goodnight, Kat.

    P.S. that Clam thing is mind-blowing.

  2. hahahaha....I agree with Hannah about the clam-thing. And I also agree with her lovely comment that "sometimes slow is not boring, just different. Look for the little things in it that you wouldn't get to see if you were running around.". Yep...I want to hear more of the little things you're seeing :)

  3. lol. I just read it, and it is pretty funny.. I'm actually not so bored anymore. I find myself baking alot, and just relaxing. I do miss my paint stuff though. I miss you too!! Hope your summer is carrying on wonderfully!

    and isn't that clam thing a gem?? haha, I loved it. Miss you too mom! I'll try and blog again soon. xo

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