Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A much belated entry:

Hey! So.. my mom has really gotten on to me for not blogging in forever. So I'm back. I guess to catch you up I'll post some pics of the places I've visited these past few weeks. then I'll copy a couple entries I wrote in my "actual" journal that I keep for myself :) Alright.. here we go! Katie's adventure in picture documentation form!!


our first night walking the streets of Rome.

La Fontana de Trevi! <3

I finally got to see the legit sculpture of "Lacooon & His Sons"

The Sistine Chapel <3

The Colosseum!! (lower photo credit goes to Sadie)

Ruins of the Roman Forum

water break: (photo credit -- my friend Sadie)

And of course, how we could not fall in love with Italian gelato? :)

So there you have Highlights of Roma! It was beyond amazing. Definitely my favorite destination to date. I'm so blessed to have been able to see it, especially with my good friend Sadie Jane! I can honestly say now, "I'll always have Roma..." haha, I love it. It was my own Lizzie McGuire story.. Ya know, minus the look-a-like pop star and 15 minutes of fame. <3

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  1. Yay...loved the quickie photo tour of italy...but where's the rest? Horsebackriding in Wales, Clubbing, Churching, School Days,London visit, Ireland visit, Stonehenge, Betty Crocker recipies and homecooking for your roomies, etcetera? :) I want it ALL. Can't wait for you to put up your journal entries!.