Thursday, October 7, 2010

cheers to returning to academics

...haha, ok. maybe "cheers" is not the proper sentiment. I just chose that as a way of stating that classes have started here at "uni" or Swansea University. I'm taking 3. Which include, Interpreting Antiquity, Marketing Principles, and Tourism Studies. So far, I've liked them all. The 1st one is just interesting to me, as I love ancient studies and archaeology. The 2nd I think I'm going to like.. It's an intro course, and hopefully it will transfer to SCAD for my business minor when I return home. (fingers crossed) The 3rd one, I had tonight. It's a 2 hour class that meets once a week. (yeah. how awesome is that!) Unfortunately, my dreams of it being a class where the professor shows us pics from his holiday vacations to exotic places and we discuss of our personal bucket list international destinations is NOT going to be the case. It's a 300 level class.. which in the UK is actually a 400. And I ofcourse, have no previous experience in economics (per se). But, I'm going to try my best and stick with it. I like our professor. He reminds me of a sea captain from a Herman Melville novel. Oh, and kt moment blurb. I actually was the 1st person to speak in that class! He asked us a question concerning Europe and why did it have the highest statistic when it came to tourist arrivals.. and nobody said anything. And he waited for like 2 whole minutes just waiting for someone to voice something. So, since I actually knew the answer.. (go me) I said it. and he was like "that's right!" haha. So I was kind of proud of myself, because I'm usually just quiet in lectures. But I mean, if people are going to wait *that* long to speak up to an answer that's so obvious, I'm going to use my voice. I actually got a mini-adrenaline rush.. haha.

oh what else, what else.
There's so much I meant to post to keep my life here updated back in the states. But I've been very busy returning from Italy, meeting the roomates, finishing that paper, and going out. We're actually going to a UV foam party in a bit, so I'm going to have to get ready for that now. I hope all is well to whoever happens to read this!

On a closing note.. here's a list of some of the things my Welsh/British roommates have never heard of: corndogs, s'mores, grilled cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwichs!! they also don't have reeses, or lucky charms. and it took me 10 minutes to find sour cream here. There's loads more, but my brain is tired. so that's all for now. Sorry that I never edit these. I know my grammar bites and my wording could definitely be improved. but alack alas.

p.s. Shout out to my family. PLEASE don't gang up and dispose of Stella!! I know you think she's dim, but she's a sweetheart. Think of me, and love her on my behalf. (pretty please)


  1. poor, poor Stella ...I wounder what went wrong with her...

    Anyway, I miss you sooooo much. We need to Skype soon.

  2. Okay already...WHAT was the answer to why Europe is the most popular tourist destination!!!!!! (I'm thinking its Europes' architectural history ?)

  3. I want an update...please post a blog soon. I think I am in withdrawel! :)

  4. thank you for the birthday wishes dearest.

    i finally found your blog today and wanted to say two things in particular:

    1] you will be happy to know that i finally deleted my facebook after two years. yes! i did. i figured out the password and disposed of it. so that picture which you were slightly bitter towards is now gone forever.

    2] please please please please please please please please, oh! and please! do not forget to procure a british copy of harry potter for me. please. i will love you forever - not that i don't already love you, know what i mean. i'll reimburse you when you return to the states. but please, for my sake...