Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's Halloween!

True Life: I'm sitting in the booth of our kitchen typing on my computer with poor internet connection listening to the miscellaneous conversations and singing outbursts of 3 of my guy roommates + Matt. Halloween is tonight.. I think I mentioned that in my enthusiastic post title. We're going out to the club known in these parts as Oceana. It shall probably be insanely crowded.. yes, I only expect as much. But I'm rather looking forward to it. The theme is "devils" But I don't want to be a devil... not really my thing. So I'm just going in a red & black outfit ensemble with a glow stick necklace.. So intense, right? yeah, I'm hardcore. ;)

In other news: I have lost my umbrella
In other other news: I'm going to Amsterdam this coming weekend!
should be exciting..

man, I really am awful at this blogging thing. I guess since Ham's done cooking now, I can begin my attempt at making popcorn balls. As that is one of my favorite memories from Halloween in North Carolina with the Barmer family. <3 {good times}

Love/and Hellos from Wales!
until my next attempt ----

~ Katie

^ the pumpkins we carved the other night in House 8!

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  1. So Amsterdam is this weekend!!!? So exciting :) ! Luv the pumpkin carvings...there is some seriously good ones there. Are your roomies art majors or what? And which was yours? Love your blogging...keep em coming.