Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sunny Skies

Hey everybody! So I'm going to try and sort through my fuzzy brain and recall the events that have transpired here the last few days. I've still got that annoying cold, so I haven't felt up to blogging so much. But here's the lowdown -- yesterday was field trip day! Always exciting, whether we're elementary school kids or college students. We explored an old Welsh mining location I guess you would call it, called Big Pit. We wore cool hats w/lights on them & got to go 450 feet below the earth! How many have you can say you've done that, eh? :) We learned a lot and then we drank hot chocolate. I did buy a few postcards, now I just need to find the bloomin post office.. Hopefully I'll get some sent out soon though. We went to a quaint little cultural village called St. Fagan's next. Beautiful grounds, with a wicked neat castle. (my dream home, btw)

here's a pic.. Because what's better than visual representation?

I think it's safe to say that we all had a fun time exploring the grounds. If anything, everyone put up pics on facebook last night.

I finally got to see some sheep closer than from inside the window of a bus! That was a highlight for me :)

So that was yesterday. Some of us decided to veto dinner in favor of beer and dessert at 7 down at the Pub on the Pond. That's right... beer. haha, I am such an inexperienced person when it comes to that liquid. But I did have one. My 1st one. A Strongbow Cider.. and it was actually not that bad. I only got a 1/2 pint though, as I wasn't sure if I would like it. a "baby beer" as Cara called it. lol. It was also so weird not being carded! Like, at all. I expected him to at least say something.. A very different country Wales is. They can't make pie to save their life here. I'm serious. That apple pie I got was a sad excuse for a pastry. I'll have to pull out my American cooking skills come Thanksgiving. I'm already pretty excited about that holiday, btw. I think all of us Americans are.. the Welsh better prepare themselves!

In other news.. I just decided I am going to go see Imogen Heap while she is here touring in the UK. I was going to go to her London show, but "oh unfortunately" (sarcasm) I will be in Amsterdam that weekend. So rats, right? But noo. No, fortune is with me.. and she is also playing in Cardiff on the 10th! And Cardiff is only 1 hour from Swansea. So heck to the yes. I will have my concert!! For I'm still mourning my Flaming Lips concert I missed due to a re-scheduling conflict..

Ok, I'm done for now. I've got to go look up train tickets and book hostels for London next weekend!! So excited :) I hope all is well back home! God Bless.

-- katie


  1. Katie, you are having a whirl wind experience. Wow, they are keeping you guys busy these first weeks and you are getting to do and see so much! It fantastic!!! Your first beer, well the English claim that drink, and the baby beer as you put it, well my dear you are a little half pint! hehe :)
    Cannot wait for my post to you blog, I am having a marvelous time living vicariously!
    Be safe, and have a wonderful day.
    Lv, Miss Beckie

  2. My fingers are faster than my brain today, should have said, cannot wait for more posts!

  3. Ha Ha....I have a new nickname for you...halfpint. Will remind me of our days watching lil house on the prairie too! :)
    LOVE your blog. LOVE the pics. LOVE that you get to go to Amsterdam and Sadie is a yes for London and Italy. LOVE that you are going to go your concert only an hour away. HATE that you are drinking. LOVE that you disliked beer. :) lol. but seriously at the same time too!!!! Beer for a year..during the Super Bowl...simply because it fits the ambience. And that was when I was single and newly able to legally can relate to your experience a bit. Now though (w/wisdom lil grasshopper...Diet Pepsi wins out every time!