Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hark. Noah, We have a Flood!

Have you guys ever had a pipe burst? Ya know, in the bathroom or in the kitchen, and h20 is just spilling out everywhere? Yeah, it's not great. So last night, at 12am when a shower pipe burst in the loo around the corner from my room, it wasn't great. Especially when the maintenance guys showed up.. an hour after we called to only do nothing as they were waiting for the emergency plumber. (apparently ppl don't know how to turn off water here) (I missed you Dad) So there we are, the 3 girls actually home at 12:30-1 on our wing, watching the water spill out onto the carpeted hallway. pooling into puddles. and the watermark slowly creeping it's way towards our rooms like a cheezy horror movie. (I was personally reminded of the grudge, but w/this being agua) Long story condensed -- I went to bed around 2 to the sound of Niagra Falls and no plumber yet on the scene. Woke up to 1/2 of my room being soaked. Which is quite impressive actually, the fact that it rounded the corner like that. But it's not that fun. I don't like squishy carpet.. At least we're moving to the village in a couple days. I don't think the constant odor of musty carpet would be something I'd like to endure every day.

So that was the excitement of last night. I don't have my photos on the comp. yet, so I'm stealing my friend Julia's to show you what it looked like.

To discuss more beautiful aspects of our trip, my awesome group of 4 went back to the Gower Peninsula yesterday! It was GORGEOUS. Seriously, here's some photos to give you an idea. But I think you had to really be there to take in its true beauty.

That's just a sample. I put a bunch more up on facebook :)

So that was basically my weekend. Not much school accomplished unfortunately.. I did discover the amazing food combination of nutella and pretzel sticks, though. That was pretty huge. I might just live off of that these next few months. (not kidding) lol.

I'd like to report that I love hearing from all of you guys. But, to be perfectly frank, I am not homesick yet. I think I may have prepared myself too well reading that culture shock handbook and what to expect. I mean, I love Savannah and all of my friends and the downtown scene, and my cat. But this right here, what I'm doing in Wales -- studying. living. and experiencing life in a different environment.. I love it. I'm sure the homesickness will come eventually, but until then I say carpe diem. Love God always. Remember that He is what matters in this life. I know I've let myself slack in that mindset, especially in liberal Britain/Wales. But I'm aware of it and am going to try and remedy that. And then I say carpe diem again! haha, aventura es mi segundo nombre, and I'm excited for the promise of tomorrow... and for free breakfast!!


  1. Katie, we are very glad you are not homesick!
    I think form your post and the beautiful pictures you are having the adventure we all long to have. Hope they get you to drier ground quickly. Keep the pictures coming, they make my day! Lv, Miss Beckie

  2. I agree! Love seeing the pics...specially the one with the water creeping around the corner! Glad you get to move to new sleeping grounds soon even though I know you'll miss the roomies you've had for the past couple weeks! Keep posting. Luv it!!
    Glad you are not homesick but I am for you. But still wounldn't trade you getting this experience for much of anything! There is something to be said for living vicariously you know! :) Mom