Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sick in Swansea..

Day 5, and I'm sick. :/ Thankfully it's not a stomach bug or anything. Just an obnoxious head cold and swollen throat. with sniffeling on the side.. I blame my vitamin c deficiency. However, I did bring Tylenol extra strength (praise the Lord!) So I should be up and dandy in a day or so. The weather here is wet with a side of windy. I enjoyed my breakfast this morning. poached eggs, hashbrowns, (OJ), and this odd shaped pear. A bunch of the girls on my floor discovered the kitchen that we thought didn't exist last night. So that became the party room. I'm on the complete opposite end of the hall, which was fantastic, because I went to bed at 10:30. Go Grandma. that's me. That, and I felt like a zombie re-born w/o all that flesh eating side effect. Gross, I know. Don't think about it. Last night was good, fun exploring with Julia, Samantha, and Kristi. I'm going to get a UK phone today, because sadly I can't figure out the phone Kendra gave me. That way I'll at least have some way of getting in touch with a friend here if I get separated.

I'm going to watch Big Bang Theory now, as class isn't for 2 hours.
I think I need a dose of Sheldon w/my tylenol. lol. ---Cheers for now.


  1. Dear Katie, so sorry you are not feeling well. Your in the UK, I know there must be some hot tea near by, get some and add some honey. Drink lots of fluids and buy some vitamin C! Damp conditions and little sleep are probably good breading grounds for a virus. I am really enjoying your blog and other postings. Feel better!

  2. Ohhhhhh....prayers sent for immediate healing! So glad you brought the EST. Care package is on the way...shoulda done 2 pkgs...one as media mail to get the lower postage. Am learning :) No chicken soup...I don't think I could get it past customs! Skype me tonight. Will be home. <3