Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wales Day 3

Hi everyone! So tonight my group's pubbing adventure turned into a "clubbing" adventure. We went to the social heart of Swansea called Wind street. (pronounced like "wine" with a "d") And let me just say that the Welsh are crazy! The entire Street was packed! With people in club clothes, costumes, and this horrible inflatable doll. Which, I ran away from.. But the club Revolution we went to was pretty stellar. Definitely an experience. And my 1st drink ever was a Little Miss Sunshine! haha. (I think the name may have sold me) It was very good, I won't lie. Kind of tasted like OJ.. and lemonade.. but with vodka. I only got one, and totally had my wits about me, though I think I yelled at the guy with the doll once.. but other than that I was totally good. So no worries mom and other mom's :) It had a dance floor and the 4 us of got to dance! which was fun. I made the most of it, casually rocking out to their techno music and Ke$ha. (lol) I did had this giant satchel on me with all of our coats. I figured it'd be something to beat people away if the need arose. But I don't think I'll bring it with me next time. Also, I definitely didn't come prepared with clubbing clothes.. But that's ok. Because I don't think I'll go more than on the weekends. I don't need to have my money dwindle away on alcohol. I still need to see Big Ben! and the leaning tower of Pisa.. and Stone Henge.. and you get the idea :)

So yeah, check one up for Day 3 in Wales! It's been, as the Americans say, very awesome. A group of us went to the cute little fishing village of Mumbles earlier today. Yes, it's called Mumbles. How quaint is that? It was adorable. And I saw my first castle! Pics are going up tonight on facebook. Unless my lovely friends actually get ON SKYPE.. *hint hint* .. haha. I'll try and post some here as well too.
Other than that, I don't have much to report. I found a church to go tomorrow with a sweet girl named Samantha. So seeing as how it's 1am my time.. I should probably hit the hay relatively soon. So more updates soon.

miss/love you all. cheers for now!


  1. Hey Katie, so nice of you to post and tell us about your adventures. You look lovely in the photograph and I am very happy you are having a good time. Have you found and good food yet?

  2. thanks Mrs. Beckie! I've found some relatively good food.. I haven't tried all that much yet. But if I find a solid winner I will let you know.

  3. EAT! I feel like Mrs Claus in the classic Rudolph talking to skinny Santa a few days before Christmas....EAT! :)