Monday, September 20, 2010

Lost my chance to party with cute British guys..

lol. Ok, so story time with Katie :) This just happened, like 10 minutes ago. Alright, so I'm in my room with the door open trying to air it out. (because it smells like a dead gopher) I'm also one of only a few girls who are actually home, as everyone else went out partying for a gal's birthday. And I'm the only one w/my door open, just sitting in here "studying" (meaning, mostly on facebook.) When all of a sudden, I hear 2 British male voices... coming from the end of our hallway. Saying, "knock knock. anyone here?" So, I get up from my chair and walk over to my door. It's important to note that I'm on the corner room, so basically, I just stick out my head around the corner like a turtle to see what's up. (I think I look liked a Who from Whoville, if that helps your visual interpretation..) and I'm like "hi" and they're like "hello" (but with cute british accents) And so they're like, "where is everybody? We were looking to party." (They're the med students from the 9th floor, btw. I've seen them, especially the tall cute one, but never spoken to them before.) So with my head still poking out, I'm like, "umm well.. they all went out partying already. so nobody's here. But they should be back soon, I think they have a lot of booze left in the kitchen, so they'll probably be partying later if you come back.." And they took all this in, but looked very disappointed and not quite sure what to do.. And I just smile and stand there with my little head poking out. Like a true nerd. lol. And then they're like, "what are you doing?" And I say "I'm kind of studying.. lol" And they take that in with more disappointed looks. And they said, "why are you studying?" And I was like "oh, well.. I'm kind of just "studying" meaning I'm just chilling on facebook and such." (really charming them with my American boringness, right? haha) So they replied, "Well we're on the 9th floor if you want to come party with us." And I just smiled and said "ok, thank you." and wished them a good night. :) I mean, a few more words were exchanged and it wasn't like a dismissal or anything. They kind of stood there talking to me for about 5 minutes.. But, I mean.. come on. what normal girl does that??? lol. Invited by 2 adorable med student British chaps to come party.. and I just poke my head around the corner, smiling, but giving no implication that I would want to go out and party with them, even after being invited. (I think that might have been a first for them) But honestly, I wouldn't have known what to do! Especially by myself. I would have been a wallflower asking for water and saying, "hey, let's play parcheezi." lol. And they were way too cute. And I am definitely not at my cutest in my jeans and longsleeved shirt. So no.. I didn't go party with the Brits tonight. But I thought this was a very funny story. Probably more so when told in person. But if you know me well, I figured you would enjoy it :) Maybe I'll learn to party later this term. But til then, off to more "studying" I go! haha. cheers!


  1. Good Daughter,Studying Good- Cute British Guys Bad-

  2. :) Daddy put it perfectly! PS: I bet they were awfully cute though plus...those accents! Hence...very proud of you since the guys in the movie "taken" were probably super cute and had accents too!!!!! lol. just kiddin (not!) ;). Actually, go and enjoy meeting the male brits...but I know a better setting will be present when you do. And then....Enjoy yourself (safely :)

  3. Katie, so happy you have sense and a sense of humor!