Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So. Many. Chipmunks.

..and bunnies too!

Hi. again with the free-time as I chill and lounge around Sudbury, Massachusetts. I'm not kidding about the chipmunks either, they are so freaking cute! & they're everywhere. Yesterday, I opened the door to go pick up my cousin, and there was a bunny. Right by the steps.. just hanging out. I sometimes feel like i'm in the dwarf's cottage in snow white. Except, that it's the 21st century, and I'm in the suburbs. But hey, imagination can be awesome.

So yeah.. insert adorable pictures of chipmunks and bunnies.. before I continue..

ok, I think that fulfills the "cute" quota of the day.
I'm a bit distracted by the tele right now.. I just got back from a 45 minute walk throughout the wooded neighborhood. I had a great phone convo with my nana Jackie :) She's almost 80, ya know? That's pretty awesome. As for me, today is June 21st. Which means, in exactly one month from today, I will be 21!

I feel like I should be more excited.. but I'm kind of just like, eh. another bday. Maybe it's cause I'm far away from all my friends and anyone "legal" lol. It's no big deal really. I did find that the Flaming Lips are playing in Boston on the 27th.. so heyy.. might finally get my chance to go see them after my last plans fell through! That could be very fun for the bday.

Last night was waffle night. No, there isn't a designated "waffle night" in the Mandt household.. But it was just me and the girls, and I therefore declared it to be "waffle night." They actually have a legit Belgian waffle maker too. Something I've never used, but the girls had. It was quite the adventure, lol, let me tell ya.. The 1st one (mine) turned out to be more like a waffle, funnel, cake. But I thought it was delicious. I just put a lot of cool whip, strawberries, and syrup on it.. and bon appetit. Erika's came out fairly ok.. and Lauren had the perfect one. (of course) It was messy, but life is worth the messes. and besides, waffle mess is easily cleaned up. So I think it was worth it :)

ok, this is definitely a rambling post. I blame the tv show I'm watching..
sorry! but hope all is well back home! Ame & Mom, hope you guys have fun in Atlanta! & I'll call you guys later. x

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  1. I hope you get to go see the Flaming Lips! That would be an awesome [post-]b-day present! =D

    And Belgian waffles are the best. <3 So jealous. lol