Wednesday, June 22, 2011

rainy days and complicated board games

So tonight, my 11 year old cousin attempted to teach me the game "Risk"
Now, when I think back to my memories of the game, "Risk" I always think of the McConnell's house, back in the early 2000's, when Jayce & Mr. Don would have commendered their dining room table with a board filled with little army men and cannons in a so-called strategic battle that generally lasted hours, if not days.
And so when my cousin pulled that game out of the designated game cupboard, I was a bit like "yeahhh, ok. funnnn" But, I was up to trying it!

So 30 minutes later.. after the instruction manuel had been fully exhausted, and my aunt, lt, and I had our little men spread throughout all of the 42 territories, the game finally started to make sense. And so we enjoyed a bit of actual play time, with dice moves decided whether Mongolia got to invade Siberia, and yadda yadda.

5 minutes or so later, we called game.
lol. Sorry Risk, but we decided to leave the strategizing for another night..
I can definitely see how guys ages 10-17 could be enthralled with that game, and maybe if I'd grown up with an older brother, I would have gotten into it. But at this current stage in my 20 year old life, as a chick, I don't really see any "allure" so to speak, that will ever entice me to play it again..

So yeah, that's my story for today! It's been a rainy day up here. So no morning walk. But I did get to drive a lot today! Quite the adventure. Erika and I almost died in Concord. (not really, but we came close to being t-boned) & all I could say when I saw the car coming was, "Oh look, we're going to die" that was it! Just so matter of factly. lol. It's horrible! But only because we had guardian angels, and we lived! We laughed and laughed the rest of the ride after that. Let me just say also, that if my aunt & uncle didn't have a gps, I would DEFINITELY probably not even be here writing this blog entry. I'd probably be in New Jersey. Or in Rhode Island. These New England roads are quite different from the Southern routes I'm used to. But I do believe I'm beginning to get a good hang of it. Let's see how this next week goes.

So yeah, exciting stuff, right? Oh, the life of a nanny. ;)

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  1. Love'd your honest reaction to Risk. Want more details on how you came to be "almost t-boned??!!". Warning on the GPS- they're not always correct so still check out a map and/or the road signs and use common sense that it sometimes doesn't know a new road went up or a cow pasture moved to where a road once was etc etc. EG: it's fallible. Trust me on that one and when in doubt...pull in to a gas station and ask for directions...or you could still end up in Rhode Island. lol :).