Monday, September 27, 2010

Good Morning

Arrived "home" from London yesterday around 8:30p. Tripped like a madwoman with my hostel backpack enroute to the bus stop. A few scrapes and some bruised dignity later, I made it back to the Student village w/one of my roomates.. that's when the craziness began. aka: Freshers Week. Lots and Lots of (legal) freshman at college for the first time away from mummy and daddy. What do you get? beer, beer, beer, party, party, loudness, beer, and fun. That's pretty much it. Our house was actually empty when we got here, but the kitchen has a new lovely display of beer bottles in most shapes and sizes. I haven't met any of the 7 new roomates we have yet. But get this... 6 of them... are boys.


mmhmm. this will be new. (to say the least)
I hope they're all nice to get along with. Someone vandled my dora whiteboard and squiggled permanent marker all over my door.. That wasn't cool.

However, to dwell on more pleasant occassions, LONDON was fantastic! Sadie Jane & I conquered it in one blessed sunny day. (Saturday) We saw so much, i.e: The Tower of London, Big Ben, Shakespeare's Globe (exterior only), Tate Modern, London Bridge, Piccadily Circus, Tralfager Square, The Peter Pan Statue!, Buckingham Palace (long story there), The London Eye, Camden Markets (land of the punks) and a ton more. I have to go catch a bus in a few minutes, so that's all for now. But just wanted to keep up this blog thing. I have SO many pictures to put up.. it's ridiculous. So you guys know what I'll be doing these next 2 days besides signing up for classes, writing my essay, packing for Italy, and other etcetera aspects of normal day life :)

Cheers for now!


  1. Hi Katie, So Glad you and Sadie had fun in London. Sorry about your Dora board. Do your best to explain your boundries to the new roomates.If that does not work please find the Rugby Team and tell them your Daddy has a business proposition for them . I love you. DAD

  2. Hon, remember these are a bunch of unruly 18 yr old boys and you are gonna remind them of their big do so! In a firm but friendly way...and lay down those boundaries like Daddy said. Then, if they don't respond appropriately (eg: apologetically), then head over to Ms Angela's and get another assignment. But, I am hoping they will actually be nice, sweet kids that went a lil haywire on their first day of "freedom from parental control" mixed with "legal drinking age temptations". So give them one big benefit of the did say one, right? Just one. And I am seriously praying over the situation so know Jesus will guide you in your decision. Then, too, Daddys suggestion is actually quite brilliant! Have to love it!

  3. haha, Love you Dad! miss you!
    thanks mom. No worries, I think it's going to all work out. cheers!

  4. Hi Halfpint!
    All of this is way way cool! We woke up today to the Ryder Cup and Uncle George saying how lucky you are to be in Wales at the very same time as THE Ryder Cup!!! (Lest you've forgotten, it's all about sports here!) I, on the other hand, (the excitement of golf aside), am thrilled for you that you are seeing all these sites in person! And you're going to Italy, too!!! My little niece exploring the world! Bummer about the roomies- if anyone can manage that situation with grace and humor, it's you - but having grown up with 4 wonderful boys in every sense of the word, there could very well be another mismatch elsewhere in your program just waiting to be fixed...:) Have you ever thought of being a writer? Have a jolly good time - take it all in, and study hard! Love from all of us.

  5. Aunt Lisa!!! So great to hear from you! I miss you guys!! :D I do think I am the luckiest girl to be over here. Not necessarily because of the Ryder cup.. (sorry Uncle George) But just for the experience in general. I did go to Italy! and it was completely wonderful. I promise to post pics later this week :) Love your comment on the roomies.. They're actually all really sweet. I think we'll get along very nicely. Though something must be done about our current kitchen arrangement.. just saying. I'll see what I can do about that. ;) I have toyed with the idea about being a writer, but I would need an awfully good editor, for my grammar I'm sorry to say is atrocious. Love you guys! Please give hugs for me. I seriously can't wait to see all of you in December!!!