Monday, August 23, 2010

really embracing this blogging thing

lol. alright, a blogger I shall become. my thoughts I shall type. So consider this your official warning. leaving now might be in your best interest.. however, I write only for myself and future me and for any of my friends or family members who might just care enough, or who sadly may be bored enough to bother reading. funny how those too often coincide... caring and being bored. haha. alright, so here you see a picture I took today with my cat stella.

I know. she looks k'od. I promise I am a LOVER of animals. She's just not photogenic...

moving on in life. I am not ashamed to admit that the new Katy Perry song has become my new song obsession of the week. I often fall prey to the onslought of mainstream I hear on the radio. sue me. It's catchy, and a really good dance in front of your mirror song. (just saying)

oh what else what else? there's probably loads of wicked awesome stuff I could fill this blog with. Right now I feel like a currently ate an elephant. I am that full. That's what I get for actually cooking and enjoying the food I make.. You see, I make dessert too. For dinner's not truly complete w/o dessert in my opinion. And tonight was oreo pudding! mmhmm. delish! It's basically frozen coolwhip and layered oreos dipped in milk. aka: heaven in a bowl. an old camp favorite made by the lovely Mrs Shannon White from FBC.

oy vey. I feel like I should post another picture. let me peruse my pc and see if I have any gems to end the night with...........

ahh, Agnes is the bomb. :) "It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!!" if you haven't seen that youtube clip, you must youtube it pronto.

alright, so this was good. this was new. I like it. I feel like I'm working my way back to my true self again. which is the best feeling ever. no more being false, no more hiding in my shell. I'm ready to be a free spirit again, the girl God has made me to be. So blessings one and all, and chim-chim-cheery! until I blog another day. <><


  1. Welcome to blog land. :)I hear the words are delicious.