Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's this? An updated blog entry?? .. *gasp* The Insanity...

haha. Yes, it is in fact me, myself, and I. Rejoining the blogging world as I just had a nice trip down memory lane reading my posts from my grand European adventures. How blessed was I? I mean, seriously! I should be thanking God everyday on my knees for the opportunities He has given me. My life to date as been amazing, and I am incredibly happy right now. So Thanks be to Him. <><

In other news, It is March. March 23rd to be exact. I have survived my first quarter at Savannah College of Art and Design. I made the Dean's List. (oompa!) & I have learned that my body can pull all-nighters where I stay up for about 36hrs with 0 sleep. Insane, right? Yeah.. that's the life of an art student. Especially a procrastinating one. ;) I wink, but it wasn't that funny. I can honestly say though, that towards the end of the quarter, I FINALLY seemed to get a handle on time management! & for that, I am grateful. And hope to use that new skill next quarter. AKA: in 5 days. But for now, It's.... SPRING BREAK!!! And I am so happy that all I did today was wake up and play video games. Yes, there was a point when I was chased out of the room I was playing video games in.. thanks to an evil. verminous. WASP. But, I got to watch the Jimmy Neutron movie until my mom came home and disposed of it for me. And before you haters start going on about me not taking care of mr. stinger myself.. Let me tell you.. I tried. ok. I tried. He just would not go out the flipping window!! And, I'm allergic. and deathly afraid of wasps. So he won the battle. But he did not win the war. No sir. Mama Suz won the war. & I sautéed her mushrooms in gratitude. It was a win-win.

So, nice to see I can still waffle like a pro, right? :) I meant to get on here to tell you about the new name I have for Stella Bella. I write these great facebook statuses, you see? But I never post them. So here. for the exclusive privilege of my own enjoyment, is the status about Stells...

Katie Schulz: "is very happy. & has also given Stella Bella the new nickname of "oatmeal face" Because she just looks so cute when she's asleep and it's all scrunched up. like oatmeal!"

haha. I'm lame, right? right. But it's cool. Because if I go down in history to others as being lame, then at least I went down as being me for myself. That's a sunny outlook people. Take notes ;)

(big sigh) ok. so this was nice. I could probably ramble on forever typing whatnot and so on. But I think I'm going to go what's going to happen in Grey's Anatomy Season 5. Because we just finished Season 4! (we are hopelessly addicted)

So ta ta for now. Said tigger the tiger. & you silly old bear, said Christopher Robin.

Oh! & RIP: Elizabeth Tayler. National Velvet.. and Amy from Little Women. That's how I'll always remember her.. Rest in Peace. & Peace out.

x kt


  1. Great post1 I love hearing about what's going on in your world! Love ya!

  2. aww, thanks Jenny! miss you! <3